3DS Remake of Dragon Quest VII could be translated outside Japan

Dragon Warrior 7 also known as Dragon Quest VII in Japan is one of the most popular role paying games available on PlayStation that attracted lots of gaming fans. As the Dragon Quest series have gained popularity in Japan, there were no signs of overseas versions to be released anytime soon.

In time, discussions about this topic have concluded that chances for the Dragon Quest series to be available in America are very small and a new “dark age” of this gaming is about to start, affirmed US Gamer.

Regarding the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII and its localization in North America, new details from the Square Enix publisher emerged saying that the game could be translated in English, because there is a high demand from fans, but the translation job is difficult.

However, these efforts could be materialized only if the audience will make a noise and express it on forums, social media channels and other methods, so the Nintendo knows their feeling. Read more details about the translation process of the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII here.

Source: Techno Bufallo

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