5 Translation and localization events to watch this summer

If you are working in the language services industry, you probably like to stay abreast of changes about the latest events. Although summer is mostly for vacation and travel, there are still lots of upcoming conferences and events you’ll be interested in attending or watching.

We’ve made a selection, so see below five interesting translation and localization events happening this summer:

  • Meta-Forum 2016 (July 4-5) is an international conference that takes place in Lisbon, Portugal, and is focused on language technologies for the multilingual information society, the data value chain and the European multilingual digital single market. Registration for this event is free of charge.
  • Community Localization at Facebook (July 21) – The upcoming event takes place at Facebook building in Menlo Park, California, USA, and will be a talk on the social network’s community localization, and their language strategy to connect the world.
  • ACL 2016 Conference on Machine Translation (August 11-12) is build on previous workshops on statistical machine translation, and will feature machine translation related shared tasks, plus scientific papers on topics related to MT. ACL 2016 happens in Berlin, Germany.
  • Game Developers Conference (August 15-16) – For those interested more in the gaming industry, the conference taking place in Cologne, Germany, is the right place for programmers, producers, game designers, audio professionals, and other business decision-makers to share ideas and find out more on the future of this niche.
  • PROZ.com International Conference (September 3-4) with an appealing theme “A noble profession: The human face of translation” will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, and will be a forum and exchange of ideas regarding the “human” side of this profession.

There are also other relevant events happening this summer, such as some courses or summer schools, but you can read a full list of upcoming events on Multilingual.com

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