A new free online translation tool was launched

When it comes to translating various texts, documents or basic phrases, the first translation tool that comes to our minds is Google’s free service which is probably one of the most popular tool, but there are other similar options. ePrevodilac.com is a newly launched website that provides global users a free online translation tool to and from many international languages.

The main purpose of this free service is to offer a fast and free of charge solution for people without the need to hire translators. However, if you are dealing with important files or documents, it might be better to use some professional translation services that can deliver high quality translation. Using the ePrevodilac.com website is simple: all you need yo do is paste or copy the text needed for translation into the first text field and click the “Translate” button.

This tool was developed by a third party that allows a simple and easy translation of one of the following languages: Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Slovak, Swedish and many others.

Source: Digital Journal

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