A new in-ear gadget comes with real-time translation capabilities

There’s no doubt that technology has advanced in many areas for the last years, improving many aspects of our lives. When it comes to interacting with people who don’t speak the same language as ours, we often encounter different language barriers and poor communication.

Things could change with a new and smart in-ear gadget called Pilot which is capable to translate conversations in real-time between two persons who don’t speak the same language. This headpiece has been developed by New York-based company Waverly Labs and comes with a built-in app that toggles between languages.

The product will be available in three different colors: red, black and white, with an extra earpiece, one portable charger along with one app. No news about the launch date yet, but the company is planning to release English-based languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian) first.

Source: News.com.au


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