Apple working to expand Siri language localization

Due to an increased demand  for a localized content, the industry has seen a significant growth lately, as many companies started to understand the importance of language localization for a successful business.  According to recent job postings found on the company’s official website, the giant Apple is looking to hire Siri engineers who can offer support for new nine languages.

Apple Insider said that the company is looking for native speakers of Norwegian, Turkish, Arabian, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Thai and Russian languages that aren’t currently supported by the voice assistant Siri. The job ads also highlighted that Apple is seeking engineers fluent in Australian and British English, Japanese and Cantonese as well,  proving strong software development skills and experience in iOS, OS X, Java, Perl or shell scripting.

Since its launch, Siri service has been constantly updated and improved with new features aiming to adapt to different languages or dialects, be as natural as possible and provide better services.  It’s no surprise that multilingual support has its benefits for lots of customers, so this upgrade is more than welcomed.

Source: Apple Insider

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