Babble-on to integrate Bitcoin/Alipay payment for iOS and Android app localization

Babble-on is a US based company founded in 2004 that provides professional translation, app localization and copywriting services with the help of a team of 150 native translators who work collaboratively on various multilingual projects. According to a recent press release, the company will now support payments via Bitcoin or China’s popular Alipay system, offering developers from across the globe the possibility to pay for their app localization services using one of these tho methods.

Talking about the reasons they’ve chosen Bitcoin and Alipay services, Babble-on founder, Benjamin Zadik said Bitcoin helps non-US developers to save a lot of money and hassle by reducing currency exchange and transfer fees, while Alipay is used by their Chinese customers.

Babble-on understands the importance of being flexible and offering the payment options to all their customers, including the possibility to pay using familiar credit and debit cards, or PayPay.

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