Cloudwords for Salesforce Marketing Cloud was released

Cloud-based translation automation platform Cloudwords released the Salesforce Marketing Cloud which is aimed at improving the process of translation digital content for international markets. Also known as Exact Target, this new digital content translation solution was designed to create customized cross-channel customer journeys that offer great brand experiences.

To attract a large number of customers, it is essential to create and deliver personalized messages via all channels (mobile, social, email, web) in the native language of the target audience. That’s why, messages need to be localized, not just translated, and consider both cultural and geographical aspects of a particular market. However, the localization strategy proves to be time-consuming, expensive and difficult to scale without a translation automation platform connected with a marketing cloud solution.

According to Scot Yancey, CEO of Cloudwords, the purpose of Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform is to offer customers a better and easy way to automate the process of creating and delivering localized digital content.

Read more details about the new digital content translation solution here.

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