Cloudwords released a new feature for translation review

Cloudwords is a company located in San Francisco which provides cloud-based translation management and automation services for clients and organizations that deal with localization and translation process in their activities. For those who are managing these processes, it is important to ensure that content is translated properly into different languages for targeted markets.

To make the translation smoother and easier for those who review the translated documents, Cloudwords has just announced a new feature that promises to offer a pain-free and simple translation review phase. With its new “In-Context Review” feature, reviewers can view, comment, edit and finalize translated content in its final format, whether it’s a landing page, email, newsletter or webpage.

Users need to log into Cloudwords platform and access translations online, without the need to download or copy paste from different files, meaning that they will save time, increase efficiency and improve translation quality process. It is aimed at doing the translation review process easier for everyone.

For more information about this fresh feature, see a short demonstration here and read the source link for details.

Source: Cloudwords blog

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