Cortana now offers instant language translations in Windows 10

Cortana, the Microsoft’s new personal assistant on Windows 10, can be used for finding new things on your PC, managing the calendar, track packages or chatting with your friends. If you’ve tried the program before, the company has recently posted on the Translator blog details about new updates that will make translations more convenient.

Thus, Cortana will offer instant translation of words, phrases and sentences from English and Chinese to almost 40 languages in Windows 10, with the promise to arrive in other countries in the near future”. Users can have access to Cortana’s translation capabilities by simply say: “Hey Cortana”, then saying the words or phrases needed to be translated. For example, you can try “Hey Cortana, translate where can I find the X museum in Spanish?”.

You can also type into the search box your request and Cortana will easily make the translation and show it to you on your device’s screen. If the digital assistant doesn’t understand what you want or can’t offer the translation, a webpages will open for a web search.

For more details about Cortana in Windows 10, please follow the source link.

cortana instant translation

Source: Microsoft Translator Team Blog

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