Crowdin announced a new integration with Poedit

Crowdin is an online localization management platform for both project managers and developers interested in translating their software products and services in multiple languages. The Crowdin team recently announced on their blog a new integration with Poedit, a translation editor for apps and websites that are using Gettext resource files.

If you are wondering which are the main benefits of this new collaboration, see below some of them:

  • Every translator┬áthat uses Poedit inside one project, can now synchronize the work with Crowdin platform and manage easily his/her translations;
  • It reduces the need for translators to handle localization files manually;
  • Translation are being saved in the cloud, easily, with one click and the updated source files can be extracted from Crowdin to the Poedit automatically.

crowdin and poedit

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More details about this new collaboration can be read on Crowdin blog.

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