CSOFT International Ltd announced “I Translate” campaign

CSOFT International Ltd, a provider of translation and globalization services, has recently announced a new campaign called “I Translate” aimed at emphasizing the importance of languages and appreciating translators worldwide. This initiative was firstly mentioned at the company’s annual Summit in Beijing, on September 17th.

The “I Translate” campaign will be available until the end of the year and will have a regular monthly competition held on the company’s Facebook account. It will also offers a platform where people can support and encourage the art of translation that connects us with each others, eliminating all language barriers.

During the campaign launch, Shunee Lee, President and CEO of CSOFT International Ltd, invited some linguists on the stage to share some thoughts about their passion for languages, encouraging others to pursuit this career path. More information about this campaign can be found on CSOFT’s official page.

Source: BusinessWire.com

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