Docomo to launch Jspeak translation app for travelers

Are you planning on visiting Japan for the next period, but still worried you won’t say more than “sayonara” in Japanese to the locals? Then, you should know that the biggest carrier mobile in Japan, NTT Docomo is going to introduce Jspeak face-to-face mobile translation app for travelers, so they can communicate better with Japanese people, by instantly translating spoken Japan to English plus other languages.

According to Market Watch, the app will be available starting with November 10th, currently only for Google Play store, for users with smartphones and tablets running on Android 4.0 to 4.4. As for the price tag, Jspeak translation app will cost $0.99 for one week or $2.99 for one month.

This new translation app was built on Docomo’s translation app introduced in 2012, Hanashite Hon’yaku, and it enables Japanese and non-Japanese speakers to have face-to-face conversions in a simple way. Initially, the app will support ten languages and it will come with a list of more than 700 common phrases for shopping, restaurant, transportation, hotel and other frequent situations met for a traveler in a foreign country.

Read more information in the press release.

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