Doulingo’s Incubator platform added 40 new courses for 11 million people

If you ever needed to improve any foreign language skills or learn a new one, you’ve probably heard or accessed at least once Duolingo free language-learning platform, a fun and addictive software program with a variety of challenging and interactive lessons.

Incubator, the crowdsourced learning-language program, was launched last year in October with the main objective of providing new courses created by native speakers or language enthusiasts for Duolingo community. Although anyone could and still can enroll as a volunteer and contribute to a specific course, Duolingo features a special algorithm to ensure these courses are in line with its standards.

After one year of using crowdsourcing on its platform, Duolingo just announced that Incubator has added 40 new courses for over 11 million people where more than 200 volunteers have contributed to it.


Source: The Next Web

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