El Loco announced mobile app localization for iOS

If you haven’t heard of El Loco, it is a US-based startup launched by the entrepreneur Kee Nethery, that just announced a fresh mobile app localization for iOS developers who need to translate their mobile applications into multiple languages.

What you need to know about El Loco is that it localizes the source code so that translators chosen by developers can more easily and efficiently do their translation work. The localization service is free for translation of one iOS app into two languages of your choice, or $20 per month for three apps and unlimited languages, or $100 per month for unlimited languages and apps.

El Loco aims at providing developers a hassle-free localization service that will simplify their workflow and increase the number of sales. You can find out more info about the features, pricing and other details here.

Source: Econtentmag.com

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