Euro Talk announced Chatterbox, a new language software program for primary schools

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, Euro Talk represents a language learning publisher located in UK that has been specialized in the last 20 years in creating language learning materials for users of all ages. The company has recently launched Chatterbox, a new online programs aimed at helping primary professors with mainstream foreign language lessons, said Steve Eatock, Education Manager. Besides that, they want to encourage pupils to learn new and exotic languages, such as Vietnamese or Zulu, and to start appreciating our worldwide diverse languages and cultures.

In order to keep children engaged and focused while learning the vocabulary in one of those 120 languages available, Chatterbox program will include interactive games and activities, as well as a recording game to boost confidence when speaking a specific language. Another useful feature for teachers integrated in this program is an authoring tool, enabling classes to customize lessons and add vocabulary.

Euro Talk presented a demo of the software program Chatterbox a few days ago during the London Bett Show, inviting teachers to sign up for one month free trial and test it. Those who decide to subscribe to the program for 12 months, they will receive an extra 6 months free of charge.

Source: PR

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