Facebook to acquire Wit.ai, a language processing platform

Facebook seems to have big plans for this new year, because they just announced the acquisition of Wit.ai, a language processing platform that enables users to talk to their devices. It is a small start-up, based in Palo Alto, California operating the so called “open source” by letting software developers to build their apps and then sharing to a given community and it will continue to remain open after merging with Facebook.

Although no spokesperson from the social network company has made a statement about the terms of this deal, it could be Facebook’s attempt to integrate voice recognition technology into its products in the future and an effort to imitate Apple’s Siri voice recognition.

As regards to the Wit.ai founding team, they will be joining Facebook along with several employees located in the start-up’s headquarters in California.

Read more information about Facebook’s new acquisition on Recode.net.

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