Firefox for mobile available in Hindi language

Also known as Fennec, Firefox for mobile is the version of popular Mozilla Firefox browser for portable devices such as tablets or smartphones which can be found in multiple languages. Being focused on localization, Fennec has added also the Hindi language thanks to open source community along with other Indie languages such as: Bengali (India), Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil. Assamese or Telugu.

According to, these 12 languages are the largest number of new languages added in a single Fennec release, so Hindi community decided to celebrate with a small organized event to thank all the hard work made by the open source community. Mahesh Kulkarni, an important person in the language industry in India participated at the event by sharing his experience and discussing about the challenges of localization.

Firefox for mobile in Hindi was possible with the efforts of passionate and motivated people working for Mozilla in India, who believed in high quality software in this language, easy to understand and utilize by the target audience. When it comes to localization in Mozilla products, it is governed by a principle of democracy along with passion and work.

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