Free language translator 3.6 version is available

If you need a free desktop tool to quickly translate your documents in multiple languages, this free language translator application can be a good, yet simple alternative to consider using. The version 3.6 has just been announced, and uses Google to provide translation for text and basic document formats such as: PDF, HTML, TXT, RTF, SUB, SRT, DOC/ DOCX.

The process should be easy to use: you start by copy-pasting the needed text into the Input pane or opening one of the document formats mentioned above, and then specify the source language or let the program do it automatically. After that, choose the language needed, click Translate and the tool will generate the results very fast.

Free language translator 3.6 is compatible with Windows XP,Vista (32/64 bit),Windows 7(32/64 bit),Windows 8,Windows Serve.


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