Globalization Partners International announced its translation services connector for HubSpot

Globalization Partners International (GPI) is a US based company launched in 2001 that provides an array of translation and globalization services, including document, software and website translations, e-commerce localization, mobile app translation and more. The company recently announced a new translation services connector for HubSpot to streamline inbound marketing content translation workflows for HubSpot users.

The connector will allow HubSpot users to easily receive and send a variety of marketing content for translation from eBooks and whitepapers to videos and blogs, said Martin Spethman, managing partner at GPI in a press release. If you want to see how it works, see the steps needed to follow here.

Some of the translation services connector’s main benefits are: easy access for HubSpot users, services available in over 100 languages, a dashboard where users can view status reports, schedules and project task lists, 24/7 secure access for the global team to collaborate and track translation projects, and more.


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