Google Handwriting Input app now supports five more languages

The launch of Google’s new handwriting input app earlier this year was a great news for many users who agreed that this method was more convenient to write messages or texts on their mobile devices while in a hurry. Android Community blog reported that the newest update to this app now supports five more languages: Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hebrew, and Burmese.

This update is useful because these languages are considered some of the most difficult to type in using a standard keyboard, so those who are speaking one of these five languages will be able to write the text out, Google will recognize and translate it into something more understandable in their native language.

This is an update to the 1.5.1 version which is more functional than aesthetic, and indicates the fact that Google Handwriting Input tool now supports 82 languages from all over the world. It is already available to all Android users and can be downloaded from Google Play.

Google Handwriting Input tool

Source: Android Community

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