Google is offering better support for Indian languages

India has more than 400 million of people who are using the Internet and the number continues to grow every day. However, the online content is mainly available in English and understandable by only 20% of the Indian population, because most of the Indians speak local languages and have difficulties in finding content and services in their native languages.

That is why, Google has improved its translation service for people, making it more accurate and easier to understand when translating full sentences. The giant company announced that its new neural machine translation now offers translations between English and nine widely used Indian languages: Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam and Kannada.

The translation systems will translate full sentences at a time, instead of pieces of a sentence, and will offer higher quality results, “more human sounding translations”. Google also said that these improvements to their translation tool in India are part of other updates announced at an event in New Delhi, such as: the neural machine translation will also be available in Chrome, the Rajpal & Sons Hindi dictionary is available online, so Hindi speakers can find easier word meanings in search results.

Source: Google Blog

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