Google Play Books 3.4.5 comes with a new translation interface

If you are an avid reader of books who uses Google Play Books app for Android to have a more pleasant reading experience while on the go, then you need to know that Google has announced some changes for the new version 3.4.5. With every update made to this app, the company is looking to improve readers’ passion for reading on their mobile devices, so let’s see what’s new for Google Play Books.

First off, this fresh version of Play Books has a new translation interface that allows readers to translate words or phrases from one language to another and has a different appearance compared to the version 3.3, showing results like the existing notes or dictionary interfaces (see the picture below).

Secondly, the Google Play Books includes some changes to notes, now letting users to take notes in a sample of a book, a procedure that wasn’t possible with the previous version.

The app has also a new font family, because Droid Serif, labeled as “Serif” was replaced with Literata font that appears to be a typeface commissioned by Google from Type Together.

a new translation interface for Google Play Books

Read more details on Android Police.

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