Google to design a special double keyboard for language translation

BGR has just reported that Google is planning to design a special double keyboard which can be useful for language translation on different mobile devices. Although we can find a plethora of third-party keyboard apps out there, the giant search engine seems to come up with something innovative and unique: a mobile app created to allow users having conversations in multiple languages and translated in real-time.

For example, if you are typing a message in English to one of your friends, it will appear to the other person’s screen in any language you’ve selected for translation. This process will be possible with the help of Google Translate. Quite an interesting feature, right? Before you get too enthusiastic about the news, we should remind you that Google Translate isn’t the most accurate online tool to offer high quality translation, but it might be reliable for well known language translations such as French or German.

While there’s no confirmation yet and we can’t exactly know if this double keyboard app will come to the market, it is an interesting idea from Google. If you are curious to see the whole patent document for this new system including two keyboards on a mobile computing device to allow two users chatting in two different languages, you can have a look here.

keyboard with real time translation feature

Source: BGR

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