Google to develop its own messaging app, focusing on localization

A new report in the Economic Times said that Google is planning on developing its own messaging app similar to popular WhatsApp, Line or Vibe. The giant tech company previously tried to bought WhatsApp, but its $10 billion offer was refused in favor of Facebook with $19 billion.

Now Google has decided to work on its own app which is going to be tested in India and other emerging markets, said Economic Times. The new messenger app is expected to be launched in 2015, as it’s in a first stage of development. Unlike other Google products, this one will not ask users to log in with a Google account and it will also be focusing on localization, by including language support.

Like its principal competitor, WhatsApp, Google’s upcoming messenger app will also be free of charge and it will be targeting the Asian market, as India is going to become the world’s second largest mobile market after China by 2019.

We don’t know yet if this information is valid, because there was no official confirmation from Google about this subject.

Source: Economic Times

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