Google to integrate Tap to Translate feature within apps

Indian origin CEO of Google, Sundai Pichai, delivered a keynote speech during the Google for India event where he talked about the company’s plans for this country in 2016. One of the key features presented to the audience was about a new integration for the translation process.

Google CEO said the translator service will be integrated with Tap to Translate feature within applications from 2016 that will allow users to translate texts on the go, without opening another application for it. Once translated, the text will simultaneously be copied and available to past and send to a specific receiver.

With the Tap to Translate feature, apps like WhatsApp will be easier to use and on the go translation will probably become an essential tool for India, a country with a diverse array of spoken languages. According to Sundai Pichai, this new service will be available in 2016, first for Android, and then followed by other platforms.

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