Google to target Indian market with a new Hindi-language website

Google has announced a few days ago the launch of a new Hindi-language website aimed at adding 300 million Internet users from India by 2017 who don’t speak English language. The giant search engine has decided to make the Internet more accessible to the Indian market, because about all of the country’s 198 million English speakers navigate online.

The new website is called and it comes with a Hindi-language search language plus a keyboard, including links to blogs, apps, videos with a wide range of categories such as music, jobs, education or fashion. Google said that this new site will give users the opportunity to read and discover the best Hindi content available on the internet.

Amit Singhal, Google’s Indian-born search chief, also added that local language content isn’t reachable easily on the web, so with this new platform, things get to be improved.

Source: Search Data

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