Google Translate app adds two new features

The company is constantly improving its translation app for users, making the communication process easier and smoother for everyone, whatever language they speak or device used. According to a recent announcement on the official blog, Google Translate app has been updated with two new features: instant translations from English and German to Arabic and a Split View option for iPad users.

Although users can already have bilingual conversations in English or German to Arabic language thanks to the conversation mode or text input, the Google Translate app has also included the possibility to use instant visual translation. You can do it by simply open the app, click on the camera and select the text you need to translate. The translation process from one language to another will show in real-time on your screen and there’s no need for Internet connection.

In addition, Google Translate app now supports a Split View feature for iPad users, and “if you’re sending an email or text and need to translate, you can see both apps at the same time. And it even works with text from online books or websites”, said the Google team on the official blog.

Read more details about the two new translation features on Google Translate blog.


Photo credits to Google Translate blog

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