Google Translate App gets new updates

UPDATE (January 14, 2015): The official Google Search blog has just announced a new and smarter Google Translate application available for Android and iOS platforms so users can enjoy it while travelling and communicating with foreign people. The updated version also gets instant translation with Word Lens and a better real-time conversation mode.

When it comes to translating different texts and documents, Google Translate is a fast and handy solution for users all over the world, even if it doesn’t provide the most accurate translation service. However, for simple words and sentences, this tool is useful and it can generate good results.

The guys over at Uberqizmo cited a recent report from the New York Times publication and its recent report saying that Google is planning on releasing a new and smarter version of its translation app for Android. It seems that the giant search engine will introduce a system with a speech-to-text translation feature which will instantly recognize if a person is speaking a well-known language and it will instantly turn it into text.

Could it be Google’s intention to compete with Microsoft’s real-time Skype translation feature announced to simplify communication by translating different speeches from one language to other person’s mother tongue? For the moment, there are no further information about an exact date on when these updates will take place for Android, but we’ll let you know as soon as we find out more details.

Source: Ubergizmo

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