Google Translate available on Android Wear watches

Good news for those who are using Android smartwatches! The new Android Wear 1.3 version has just been announced and it brings new features such as an interactive watch faces to make it easier for users to stay connected, plus a new Together watch face designed by Google.

But the part we are mostly interested in is about a new support for Google Translate, meaning that the Wear app is more focused on real-time conversations. With this translation app, it will be a lot easier for two people speaking different languages to communicate.

Although it may look strange to do translation through a watch, Google has created a GIF showing how to do it: the wearer needs to flip their wrist so that the other person sees the translation which is automatically switched to that person’s language after the watch changes direction.

According to The, translation on Android Wear only works between 44 different languages of the 90 languages the app can translate between.


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