Google Translate includes 10 more languages

Google Translate is probably one of the most popular free translation services used to break language barriers when communicating with someone from a different country or learning a new foreign language. Focusing on improving its translation system all the time, Google just announced on the blog that it added ten more languages, reaching a total number of 90 languages supported so far.

However, this new update couldn’t be possible without the active Translate Community participation that supported the translation tool and improved its quality. Hopefully, more languages will be added in the future with such an useful support.

As regards to the ten languages added, this update is notable mostly because it concludes Burmese, the official language of Myanmar with 33 million native speakers, as well as Malayam with 38 million speakers, Sinhala and Sundanese in India and Southern Asia. Google also added Uzbek, Kazakh and Tajik in Central Asia plus Chichewa, Malagasy, and Sesotho covering Africa.

Source: The Official Google Search Blog

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