Google Translate offers in-apps translation to Android 6.0

Google has officially announced the next mobile operating system update called Android 6.0 Marshmallow during its September event, and will first roll out on the current Nexus devices, being the first ones to have this OS version, followed by other Android devices.

The good news is that Google has also updated its translation app for Android 6.0, and offers smartphone users the possibility to translate in 90 languages from within their favorite apps such as Whatsapp, TriapAvisor and LinkedIn, simplifying things and making the communication process smoother.

If you are already using Android 6.0 on your device, you need to download the Translate App from the Google Play Store, select one of your app, then highlight and choose the text you need to translate. This feature is already available on devices that utilize Android text selection behavior, said Google on its official blog.

Source: Google Inside Search blog 

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