Google Translate Update includes a better translation option for devices on Android 6.0

Google Translate is considered one of the most popular free tools to use when you need to translate a text document from one language to another. When it comes to mobile devices, this procedure isn’t so easy and intuitive, because it requires a few steps to follow. You need to copy the text, go to the translation app, paste it there, and then paste it back to the place where you were working on.

It seems that Google has fixed this issue, because a new update announced for Google Translate includes system-wide translation option for devices running on Android 6.0. According to the guys over at Android Police have announced that the latest version of Google Translate app will make the translation process shorter and easier for users, by selecting the text and instantly translating it.

Needless to say that users won’t have the opportunity to experience this new feature, until they have official the update for Android 6.0.



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