Greenland Government to adopt SDL Translation Management System

SDL, the translation services company announced in a recent press release that the Greenland Government will use its Translation Management System to speed up the content translation process and reduce freelance translator costs.

Due to the fact that there’s an ongoing translation requirements between government departments and the team of translators from the central government is facing a large volume of documents needed for translation, Greenland’s Government decided to adopt SDL technology.

With the help of SDL Translation Management System, the Greenland Government can now automate and speed up translation tasks, reducing the time and costs of supporting local language content, as well as improving the translators’ work.

Moreover, the implementation of SD TMS has brought some benefits and improvements for the Government, such as: approximately 50 percent increase in individual translator productivity, 75 percent of freelance translation costs and higher volume translation.

For more details on the implementation of SDL Translation Management System, please read the full SDL press release.

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