iLang Story educational app available for tablets and smartphone

Uniteplug, a Korean company recently launched iLang Story, an educational application aiming at learning kids the world of reading, new foreign languages and expand their creativity and curiosity for new cultures. Developed for tablet PCs and smartphones, the app can read out loud fairy tales from all over the world with the aid of voice controls, translation and animation.

Besides its basic features, it comes with an “edit” function which enables users to create their own stories, controlling scenes and characters, as well as recording their own voices. With this feature, kids can design their own fairy tale or parents can record voices and then replay to their kids whenever they want.

iLang Story is available in four languages: Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean, the scripts are written by native speakers and users can adjust translation, giving them the opportunity to develop new language skills and learn something new.

Unlike traditional methods, this is a a fun and interactive way of learning and understanding different languages, focusing on sentences and words. The company’s goal is to make iLang Story a global app with access to more languages for studying.

The app can be downloaded for free and it can be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play. More information about iLang Story app on its official website.

Source: PR News Wire 

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