Japan to introduce a 24/7 multilingual phone assistance for tourists

According to some reports from the Japan National Tourism Organisation, the country has seen a boom in foreign tourists in the last couple of months, with an estimated number of 1.82 million visitors coming to Japan, and a 64% increase compared with the previous year.

However, the main problem for international tourists is they don’t understand the local language and encounter difficulties in getting simple questions or requests understood by locals. To cope with this situation and the explosion of foreign visitors in Japan, the local governments have decided to introduce multilingual call services to help tourists overcome the language barriers.

According to the Japan Times Magazine, Shiga Prefecture has joined the local government’s initiative along with an affiliated tourism promotion body to launch a 24/7 multilingual phone assistance available in the most visited places by tourists: hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops.

After seeing a large number of tourists coming to Japan, the prefecture has decided to join the service framework, announced the Japan Times Magazine, which was in the beginning started by Kyoto Prefecture. Saga Prefecture launched a similar program call service program in August 2014 as an experiment, and this year a tourist information app for smartphones called Doganshitato? ( translated: What’s the problem?) has been announced.

For more details about the local authorities’ programs to help tourists, please read the source link.

Source: Japan Times

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