Jspeak face-to-face translation service now available for iPhone

Back in Novermber 2014, the Japanese carrier mobile, NTT Docomo, has launched Jspeak, a face-to-face translation service for travelers, allowing those who arrive in Japan to communicate easier and faster with locals. Jspeak provides instant translation from spoken Japanese to English and 4 other languages.

According to Telecom Lead online publication, NTT Docomo has also developed a Jspeak face-to-face translation tool for Apple iPhone users, which can be used for free until May 2015. This useful app allows non-speaking Japanese travelers to make face-to-face conversations and get fast translation for different words, text or expressions.

Jspeak translation app can translate 5 languages (Chinese, English, Indonesian, Thai and Korean) into Japanese and the other way around.

Source: TelecomLead.com

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