Language gets important for businesses to reach global customers

According to new data revealed by SDL company, 46 percent of  the young generation is more likely to purchase a product if the information and other marketing materials are available in the native language.

Since this is something that makes a customer more satisfied and happier, businesses are being forced to focus all their efforts in adapting to this situation and meet their needs. Given the fact that we live in a multilingual world, a localization strategy is essential and important for a business, because consumers prefer to communicate in their native language.

These new findings also indicated that 32 percent of millennial consumers living in countries where English language is spoken, prefer another language as well, so it’s really important for brands to adapt and choose the language desired by customers.

Language gets critical for those who want to have more engaged consumers, increase their sales percentage and improve customer experience. Moreover, the localization strategy becomes important as well, at the point where every business aim to reach global customers and gain a competitive advantage.

Source: The Information Daily

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