Language Localization to Increase the Mobile Ad Engagement

When it comes to a localization process, the adaption of one language gets a significant importance for the mobile advertisement field. In fact, it represents a key performance factor for marketers who can reach high conversions and click through rates.

According to a guest post by Jude Bowman, CEO at Appia, a leading mobile user acquisition network and cited by Mobile Marketing Watch, the language localization services are needed to increase the mobile ad engagement among users.

Appia company has done a testing wave in three major markets around the world to demonstrate the relevance of performance-based mobile marketing, how localized ads can be incorporated as well as the importance of creative optimization in any marketing strategy.

Five large campaigns from the company’s ad network were identified and prepared for the localization testing in three big markets: France, Germany and Spain. For each campaign, short descriptions were translated in these three languages and then sent via Appia’s mobile ad network.

Test results have indicated that the localized campaigns (86 percent) have registered higher conversion rates and click-through rates than the English version.  Returning ads used in a device’s native language will automatically generate higher engagement and a better user experience.

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