Lingotek launched a in-context translation and review tool

Lingotek is a cloud-based translation management system that includes the Translation Network solution created to connect all global content in one place so customers can easily manage their brand worldwide. This innovative solution has recently launched its newest application, a in-context translation and review tool that will impact the way companies will deliver content to an international audience.

According to Brad Ross, Lingotek’s Director of Product Management, the app has an interactive, live view of context that allows users to see the full context of the page they’re working on, while maintaining the flexibility of a resizable segmented view of the content, he said. Other powerful tools included are: single click full-screen mode, instant email notifications when a project is ready to work on, access to a segment’s revision history, real-time segment status, efficient keyboard shortcuts and others.

The new in-context Workbench is an application inside the Translation Network created to improve translation quality and turnaround time, as well as to reduce costs.

Read more info on Lingoterk’s new tool here.

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