Lingotek partners with Polylang to offer translation inside WordPress

Lingotek, the cloud-based translation services provider that offers translation management software and professional language services, announced a strategic partnership with Polylang, the most popular multilingual plugin for WordPress, so customers can easily translate content directly within WordPress platform. Translation can be done using professional translation service, machine or with the help of a community.

Having the plugins developed by the WordPress community, users will easily manage to translate websites in multiple languages. Polylang is a very popular plugin which allows them set no limits on the number of languages that can be added to a site., while the Polylang plugin admin interface will be found in 40 languages.

As for the Lingotek Inside – WordPress plugin, it will be connected with the Polylang plugin in order to make the WordPress website content available in multiple languages. The way it works is simple: the plugin makes a connection with the Lingotek’s cloud-based Translation Memory system via the API 5.0 system, providing users the possibility to create a solid and multilingual website. Moreover, it automates a significant part of the translation workflow in WordPress.

If you want to find out more details about this new plugin integration, you can download it here, including to join a webinar available on August 4th.

Source: Digital Journal 

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