Lionbridge is the first Diamond Sponsor of Translation without Borders

Translation without Borders is a US-based non-profit translation organization launched in 2010 that helps non-governmental organizations to spread their humanitarian work by offering free and professional translation services with the help of a community of volunteers.

From the very beginning, the Translation without Borders (TWB) organization has received support from Lionbridge, a leading company in translation and localization services, helping it “increase knowledge around the world and advocate¬†translation as a strategic humanitarian tool”,¬†announced Andrew Bredenkamp, Board Chair of Translation without Borders. Moreover, he said this will be an example for others in the industry to follow and support TWB.

It goes without saying that such a support from a large company is essential for the non-profit organization, sustaining its growth and encouraging others to do the same. For more information about TWB, where you can find out how to donate or volunteer, please visit the official site here.

More details on this article can be found on MarketWatch.

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