Lionbridge to provide translation services for eBay

Things are going in a good direction for¬†Lionbridge company, the leader in translation and localization services, because they’ve just been selected by eBay to provide translation services for a Cross Border Trade initiative in Europe. They’ve already signed an important agreement with the pharmaceuticals firm GlaxoSmithLine, acquired software company Clay Technologies and now they are announcing this new partnership with one of the largest ecommerce platform for online purchases.

According to Lionbridge and quoted by PR News Wire UK, the partnership will allow eBay buyers to translate product listings within the eBay partner sites. It seems that this solution has already been integrated by eight of the biggest ecommerce platforms used by eBay merchants which is going to offer a smooth translation process. eBay and Lionbridge expect to see other ecommerce providers joining this new solution.

The consulting firm OC&C Strategy Consultants has estimated that cross boarder ecommerce volume in Europe will get to $130 billion by 2020 and eBay represents a leader in helping consumers buy from merchants in other countries, as well as to provide an automated and efficient translation process.

For more details, please read the full press release.

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