Localization and internalization strategies for two giant companies: Google and Baidu

CCCID, a leading research company in China, recently talked about localization and internalization strategies adopted by two well-known corporates: Google and Baidu.

Probably the most popular search engine in the world, the American corporation Google has followed Yahoo!’s example by focusing on the localization process in China for the next period of time. Knowing that it has an impressive number of loyal users, the giant internet provider should pay attention to the Chinese market and sustain localization seriously.

As for Baidu, the company seems to be among the first internet services providers to challenge the international market, while others are still cautious about the internalization strategy.

If we think of the terms: “internalization” and “localization”, both speak about the same things, meaning that companies experience new challenges by adapting to a different market with their products. As CCID state, Google and Baidu need make a clear distinction between internalization and localization and see where they act like a foreigner or a local person.

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