Localization World Conference to take place in Vancouver

Whether you are a business owner, professional translator or someone working in localization industry, you should note this upcoming event in your calendar. Localization world conference takes place in Vancouver at the end of the month; October 29-30, and it’s a leading event for international business best practices, translation, localization and website management.

According to PR Web, the conference will be hosting 600 global business executives from 45 industries and it’s main theme is based on disruptive innovation between actual processes and product markets. The panel of speakers include official representatives from large organizations such as Adobe Systems, Microsoft, Google, PayPal, SAP and more.

Localization world conference is organized by Multilingual Computing Inc., and the Localization Institute, and its location is at Vancouver Convention Center. Participants may choose from eight principal topics during the conference such as: global business, content strategy, translation automation, localization core competencies, advanced localization management and others.

If you want to know details about the full program, please see more information here: http://www.localizationworld.com/lwvan2014/program.php . For those who didn’t get the chance to register, you can follow here all necessary steps.

Source: PR Web

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