McDonald’s is changing its strategy with a focus on localization and digitization

This year, McDonald’s is no longer one of the top five global brands , as it was in 2013, and a visible decline was shown in recent Q3 2014 results announced where global sales decreased 3.3%. According to Don Thompson CEO, in a recent statement made in a call with investors and analysts, he pointed out that the company is facing some branding issues and they are planning to fix them, by delivering “a more relevant McDonald’s experience for our customers”.

Driven by its low performance registered in the last months, the fast food giant is trying a new and aggressive business strategy with a more focus on localization and digitization. In an effort to reach a better position and gain more customers, it launches an initiative called “McDonald’s Experience of the future” which includes a more localized menu, and a simpler one, customized opportunities for clients, part of the campaign “Create the taste”, as well as a better digital experience including promotions, ordering and an improved payment system.

With this approach in mind, the company is seeking to put its efforts more on localization and come up with various opportunity for local markets, enabling regions to respond to their customers’ needs and diversity.

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