Microsoft to launch a localized version of Halo 5 game in China

Are you a fan of Microsoft Xbox who’s always interested in being up to date with the latest news about gaming section? If yes, you should know that the company is supporting the Chinese market by focusing on the game localization.

When a brand is releasing a product, it’s vital to target global market and get international exposure, especially in China, the place with a large population. If you still need motivations to put all your efforts and resonate with Chinese consumers, Milengo translation agency  talked in an article about the most important challenges businesses can encounter during the localization strategy.

On the subject of Microsoft, the company has decided to launch a localized version of Halo 5 game for the Chinese market. Microsoft has also shown a real support for this region with more than 25 developers contributing to develop plenty of games, including blockbuster titles, content or free to play games, to Chinese consumers.

Available on Xbox One, Halo 5 game will also have a Chinese name, as well as local subtitles for a Shanghai film studio, aiming to attract more consumers from this region on the platform.

Source: Microsoft News

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