Microsoft Translator adds Yucatec Maya and Queretaro Otomi languages

In an effort to eliminate different communication barriers, translation software is an useful tool that can help people speaking different languages to build better relationships. Given the International Mother Language Day,celebrated every year on February 21th, Microsoft has taken this opportunity to announce support for two new languages: Yucatec Maya and Queretaro Otomi.

Adding these two languages on their list, Microsoft Translator is trying to preserve language and culture communities which have been supported in collaboration with community partners in Mexico. With the aid of Microsoft Translation Hub, the Yucatec Maya translation system was created by the Universidad Intercultural Maya de Quintana Roo, an institution located in the southwestern Mexican state of Quintana Roo, while the Queretaro Otomi language was built by a Mexican institute focused to encourage artistic and cultural development.

The company also added on the blog that these two languages are in danger, because the number of speakers is decreasing, especially among young people who aren’t using it actively like their elders. If you are wondering how rare are them, the Yucatec Maya language is spoken by less than 800,000 people, while the Queretato Otomi tongue has only 33,00 speakers.

This is just an example showing that Microsoft gets involve in helping people safeguard their languages and encouraging intercultural communication.

Source: Microsoft Translator Blog

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