Microsoft Translator launches a Windows 10 app

Microsoft Translator, a cloud based automatic translation service,  has announced a new Windows app that will be compatible with all Windows 10 devices. The app will offer text support in 50 languages, voice translation in 18 languages and picture translation in 19 languages. With the last feature, users will be able to take a photo of a sign or document and they’ll get a translation.

According to a recent article on the Microsoft Translator team blog, the new Translator app for Windows 10 has suffered a fully redesigned with a truly responsive and refreshed user-experience that lets users to use it smoothly across their Windows 10 devices.

In addition to the features available on the previous versions of the app in the Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1, this new translation app includes new functionalities such as: full screen capability on your Windows 10 tablet, the option to work alongside a website or app you need translation for on a laptop or tablet, easy access to the last 3 languages you’ve been translated from and to, search history and favorite translations found in an intuitive integrated search bar, new languages supported for camera translations such as: Romanian, Slovak, and Serbian Cyrilic

To find out other fresh features, feel free to download Translator for Windows 10.

Translator app for windows 10

Source: Microsoft Translator Team Blog

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