Microsoft Translator now offers text support for Kiswahili African language

Microsoft has announced on the Translator Team blog that its translation tool will offer text support for Kiswahili, also known as Swahili, which is, according to the company, the first African language to be supported by the automatic translation service. Kiswahili is spoken by up to 150 million people living throughout eastern Africa, and with this translation system, they will be able to easier and faster communicate internationally for both personal or business purposes.

The company also said that the translation system was developed in collaboration with the non-profit organization, Translators without Borders, whose main objective is to increase access to knowledge through humanitarian translations.

Microsoft Translator is integrated with many of Microsoft products and apps, such as Bing, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Cortana and Yammer, but it also includes plenty of apps for PC and mobile devices like Windows Phone, Android, Apple Watch.

Kiswahili will be available as an instant messaging language in Skype for Windows desktop, so users can communicate in real-time with other people around the world. Read more details in the source link.

Source: Microsoft Translator Team blog

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