Net-Translators expanded its translation management systems

Net-Translator, the provider of localization and professional human translation services, decided to expand its translation management systems, the suite of tools and technologies that are responsible for making the process more efficient by automating processes, which help the company’ customers to save time, money and resources.

According to Shy Avni, CEO and co-founder of Net-Translators, “by offering systems and tools to automate certain processes, our customers not only optimize their budgets, they are also able to streamline their resources and penetrate new global markets faster”.

The Net-Translators’ translation management systems now includes Net-Proxy, a web-based translation management system to allow customers a better management of their website translation projects, Net-Cloud, a system focused on making the entire translation workflow more efficient and Net-Connect, a cloud-based software that pulls and pushes content automatically from your CMS.


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